Media Services

dv1396026.jpgMedia Services supports and facilitates the application of media technology and non-print media resources to support and enhance teaching, learning, scholarship, and administrative services, as well as other campus activities and events.

Media Services provides faculty, students, and staff with a variety of technology resources, equipment and services to the campus community.

Media Services is dedicated to customer service and satisfaction, and to providing leadership to enable the College of the Sequoias to excel in the use of technology and information resources to enhance teaching and learning, support scholarship, and improve service and productivity.

We are committed to continuous, long-term improvement to meet needs in an exceptional way. Our primary measure of success is customer satisfaction. Please do not hesitate to send feedback on our services and operations to .

Media Services

          Patrick Mitchell                                       Aaron Albright
          Media Services Technician                         Media Specialist
          Sycamore IM 102                                       Sycamore IM 106 
          559-737-4889                                            559-737-4864
          559-707-1042 Cell                            

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