Please turn off the LCD projectors before leaving the classrooms!

College of the Sequoias currently has 4 classrooms in which Distance Education - Interactive TV (Synchronous) classes can be taught.  These classrooms may also be used for regular instruction.

Click here for a detailed User Guide for DE classrooms.
Click here for a guide to the touch screens.

Each room has 3 or 4 ceiling mounted projectors, 2 or 3 facing forward, and 1 facing toward the back of the room. There are also 2 cameras within each of the rooms, 1 in front and 1 in back of the room.  All of the rooms have "push to talk" microphones for students to speak with the instructor/class in the other distance classroom. 

The control panels for these rooms are very different from other classrooms and may at first seem a bit confusing.  Media Services suggests that all instructors using these rooms become well acquainted with the equipment through training with our staff before actually needing to use it.

Call Instructional Media Services at 559.737.4889 for any questions regarding media equipment in classrooms.

Last Updated: 11/16/2012 2:29 PM