Work Experience Packet

Using the Work Experience Packet


What do I do with the forms in the packet?

When do I turn in the time cards?

What are learning objectives?

You might be asking yourself these questions, as well as others. Use this information as a guide and let your instructor know if you need help.


Letter of Introduction

This letter welcomes you, the student, to the Cooperative Work Experience Education program. The second letter welcomes the supervisor to the program. The letters help to briefly outline expectations and responsibilities of the student and supervisor while participating in the program.  

Agreement form

The Cooperative Education Agreement form is to assure a mutual understanding between the supervisor, the participating student and the college concerning the purpose of the Cooperative Education as outlined in the Measurable Learning Objectives. This form must have three signatures on it to be valid: the supervisor from the job site, the student, the college instructor assigned to the student. This form must be completed in its entirety, and submitted to the student's COS instructor.

Directions for writing MLO's

Your packet contains instructions that will guide you in establishing your MLO's. It is important to think about what you would like to learn. Brainstorm with your supervisor about potential areas of new learning. The supervisor must agree to the objectives developed as appropriate and within company policies. Review a rough draft with your instructor; they have wise experience regarding potential objectives and acceptable terminology. A rough draft can be written on regular lined paper to be reviewed by your instructor. The final MLO's must be typed on the MLO form. Additional instructions are in the course packet.  

Education plan - MLO

The MLO form is for placing the final rough draft corrected information on. There are also 3 places for signatures: the supervisor, the student, the instructor. This form is the critical element used for grade determination. The form should be a triplicate type form (3 sheets of the same form). The entire form must be submitted to the COS instructor in order to receive a grade. If using a computer, the triplicate form must be separated and fed one page at a time through the printer to place the information on each of the three pages. A template for the MLO form is available at the COS website.

Time Cards

The packet contains "5" time cards. Use one card per month to record your hours for the semester. During the fall and spring semesters, you may count up to "20" hours per week (during the summer session, you may count all hours worked). A completed time card must have your supervisor's signature.

How to Drop

In the event that a student must drop Work Experience, the student must file the appropriate paperwork with staff in the Work Experience office (Sycamore IM112). Registration and Dropping of Work Experience units, can only be done through the Work Experience office. These processes can not be done via the Web. 

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