Directions for Writing MLOs


Every student enrolled in Cooperative Education MUST establish a minimum if three (3) Measurable Learning Objectives (MLOs). The completion and rating of how well you accomplish the MLOs is the major determinant of your semester grade in Cooperative Education. Instructions for writing the MLOs are in the course packet.

Before you place your MLOs on this form, be sure you have completed the following:


1)    Talk with your work supervisor about your MLOs. Get His/Her input related to what you plan to accomplish this semester .


2)    Have your COS instructor review your MLOs. Your instructor must approve them before your print them on the form .


Now, download WorkExperienceMLO.doc   and print 3 copies .


       (Click on the word MLO-Form.aspx. You should select SAVE in the)

       ('file download' option window. In the 'Save As' window, select)

       (a folder to keep a copy of the 'WorkExperienceMLO', ie My Documents.)

       (When the file has completed downloading, if the 'Download)

       (complete' window does not automatically close, close it.)

       (Now you can open the form when you are ready to complete)

       (an official form with your objectives. Remember to print 3 full)

       (copies, each copy will be at least one page. Some printers will)

       (print  two pages for each copy, both pages must be submitted.)










Be sure that you and your supervisor sign each copy!

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