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The goal of the statewide Puente Community College Program​ is to increase the number of educationally underserved students who transfer to four-year colleges and universities, earn degrees, and return to the community as leaders and mentors to future generations. Puente (Spanish for "bridge") is a national-award winning program that has helped thousands of students reach their dreams of college success. Puente was founded in 1981 by Felix Galaviz and Patricia McGrath at Chabot Community College in Hayward, California.

Joni JordanTeresa GuadianaPuente came to COS in 1995, when Teresa Guadiana and Joni Jordan started their first team. As a continuing program, the Puente Project is still making the "bridge" a reality for students.

Since 2009, the project was increased to two teams, and though "Ms. G" is still the fire and heart of the program, there are now four coordinators, an administrative assistant, and a Puente Center computer lab devoted to its students.

Sandy Valenzuela is the second team counselor. Joni Jordan, Valerie Ehrlich, Susan Jensen, David Hurst, Stacy Brand and James Espinoza have all taught the English classes and remain steadfast Puentistas. Students who have been in the program are beginning to return with their degrees to mentor and continue the tradition.

To get more information or to enroll in the program, please visit the Puente Center on campus upstairs in Tule 569A. You can also email us or call 737-4850 to make an appointment.

The Current COS Puente off-campus web site has pictures, events and links for the Puente Project and students. You can also visit the original site to see the project’s rich history, scrapbooks, and memories.Fall 2011 Puentistas

Fall 2011 Puente Students and Coordinators 

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