Transfer Information for International Students 


 Transfer to COS from Another School


​Speak to your international student advisor at your current school. Complete your portion of the COS International Student Transfer-IN Form and ask your international student advisor at your current school to complete the rest of the form and email, mail or fax to Mona Freeman.

 Transfer to Another School from COS


​After you are accepted at the new school, please see Mona Freeman in the OIGE office and bring a copy of your acceptance to the new school. Bring the transfer form from the new school (or ask them to email to You and Mona Freeman will choose a "release date" that she will enter into the SEVIS database which will permit your new school to issue an updated I-20.

If you graduate from COS, you must contact me no later than 45 days after your graduation if you wish to transfer. You must have a release date in the SEVIS database before 60 days after your graduation, otherwise you will be out of compliance.

Last Updated: 5/22/2012 7:52 AM