Step 1: Arrival Information

​After you receive your F-1 Student Visa, you can arrive in the United States 30 days before the "report to the school no later than date" (which will be the first day of school) shown on #5, first page of your I-20. By arriving 30 days before the first day of school, you can take our math and English placement tests, complete orientation, see a counselor and register for a minimum of 12 units of classes. In addition, an early arrival time permits you the time needed to locate suitable housing and be ready for the first day of classes.
You must report to the Office of International & Global Education located in room 103 (Counseling Center) of the Sequoia Building no later than 30 days after you arrive in the United States. Please bring the following documents:
  • your passport
  • I-94 (be sure it is marked "D/S" and NOT an expiration date)
  • stamped I-20
  • copy of your medical insurance policy which includes accidental, hospitalization, repatriation and medical evacuation for a term of one year.

 Step 2: Health Clearance


Upon arrival to College of the Sequoias obtain a health clearance through the College of the Sequoias Health Center (TB testing). Click here to view the Health Services website.


 Step 3: Take English and Math Placement Tests


​Go to room 157 of the Sequoia Building located upstairs above the breezeway. Click on the following link for more details: Assessment


 Step 4: Sign up for Orientation

Click here to learn more about First Giant Step Orientation or to complete an on-line orientation: Orientation

 Step 5: Counseling Appointment

See Mona Freeman in room 103, Sequoia Building, to learn how to schedule a counseling appointment to develop a Student Educational Plan (SEP). You can also click here to view the Counseling website.

 Step 6: Register for Classes

Must be a full-time student by completing a minimum of 12 units each Fall and each Spring semester. W's do NOT count toward the 12 units. Only 3 units of distance education classes will count toward the 12 unit requirement each semester for academic classes. If you are taking ESL classes, NO distance education classes will count toward the 12 unit requirement. Summer classes are optional.

 Step 7: Pay Your Fees

Fees must be paid within 14 days of registering for classes. If you fail to pay on time, your classes will be dropped. Problems? See Mona Freeman in room 103 (Sequoia Building). Click here for more information: Fees & Expenses.
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