The First-Year Experience Program can set the tone for the rest of your college life. College of the Sequoias offers a series of FYE courses to ensure your success as a college student. These courses are for students working toward their associate degree and/or transfer to a university.   


 Components of the FYE Program


FYE Designated Cohorts and Learning Communities: See the current list of FYE Courses on the Learning Communities and Cohorts page.  

Augmented Instruction (AI): Some of our classes have an Augmented Instruction (AI) component added to them; for the Spring 2015 semester, this AI component is English 405. It’s not an additional class, but a collaborative learning workshop centered on course material. The focus of this workshop time is on reviewing and discussing concepts and problems related to the course with the instructor and/or an assigned AI Tutor. Each instructor may use the AI time differently, but the purpose is always to provide an added support to the student. 

Student Success Courses: This course will provide students with an opportunity to learn and adopt techniques, tools, and methods that will enhance his/her success in college. ​

Counseling Services: FYE has three part-time counselors available to meet with any COS student. FYE counselors can help students develop Student Education Plans and discuss academic and career related questions and concerns. 

Workshops: FYE Staff and Peer Mentors put on workshops throughout the semester. For the Spring 2015 Semester, the following workshops are being considered: study skills, interviewing skills, resume writing, time management, inclusive language, budgeting, stress management, and navigating the college experience. Check the FYE Workshops & Event page for updated information. 

Campus Visits: Every semester FYE visits at least one four-year college or university in California. The trips usually occur during the third month of the semester; students are provided with information during the second month of the semester. 

Computer Lab: The FYE Computer lab is open Monday-Friday. Students have access to 20 laptops, a printer/copies, quiet study space, and Student Workers and Staff who can assist students with registering, accessing COS web information, and general computer use. See the FYE Computer Lab page for more information. 

Peer Mentoring: Peer Mentors are current COS students who offer assistance and support to FYE students by answering question in the lab and making announcements in FYE classes.
Free Textbook and Laptop Checkout​: The FYE Program​ has laptops and textbooks for students to take home for short periods of time. See  the FYE Computer Lab page for more information. ​


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