What is a Cohort?

A First-Year Experience (FYE) Cohort is a class supported by the First-Year Experience Program. A list of current FYE Cohorts is available below.  

What is a Learning Community?

A Learning Community consists of two or more linked classes. These classes may be connected by one, or more, of the following:

  • the same students are in each class
  • if the instructors decide to, information and assignments can be shared between classes
  • there may be a common theme in each of the classes (this also depends on the instructors)
  • and/or a team of instructors are working together
  • the courses are, typically, limited to 25 students
Currently, FYE does not have any traditional Learning Communities.

Why take a class with FYE?

FYE provides support to students at any stage in their time at COS. By taking a class with FYE, students are able to take advantage of all the res​ources available in the FYE Office and Computer Lab. You can learn more about these resources on the FYE Program Services​ page.  

What Cohorts are currently offered?

Cohort #1

#22824 ENGL 360 MWF 8:10-10am Th 8:10-9am (Bonds)

Cohort #2

#20402 ENGL 251 MW 8:10-10am (Moore)

#24574 ENGL 405 MW 10:10-11am (Moore)

Cohort #3

#20412 ENGL251 TTH 9:10-11am (Armstrong)

# 24576 ENGL405 TTH 11:10-12pm (Armstrong)

Cohort #4

#20845 ENGL251 MW 12pm-2pm (Thomas)

#24770 ENGL405 MW 2pm-3pm (Thomas)

Cohort #5

#20356 ENGL001 TTH 9:10-11am (Maryanow)

Cohort #6

#20365 ENGL001 MW 11:10-1pm (Turner)

#24421 ENGL405 MW 1:10-2pm (Turner)

Cohort #7 Student Success

#25103 HDEV 121 MW 12:10-1pm (Cook)

Cohort #8 Learning Skills Lab

#25481 IS 308 Instructional Support Lab (Conway) 

Times to be arranged between student and Kathleen Conway. Go to the Learning Skills Lab in the Lodgepole Building (LRC, the library)

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