Testing Assistance

Test accommodation services are typically provided at the DRC testing center located adjacent to the DRC in the Sycamore building room IM 107, adjacent to the DRC office. Many students can receive extra time for tests in a distraction reduced setting. Some students may also receive readers and writers as a part of the test accommodation services. When a recommended accommodation includes additional time on exams, instructors may choose to proctor the exam themselves or arrangements can be made to have the DRC proctor exams at a distraction-reduced site. Students who qualify for test accommodation services must coordinate test taking services 48 hours in advance of a quiz, test, or final exam.

Additional Information:

Policies and Procedures-The DRC policies and procedures manual explains in detail how testing services are provided to students.

 Contact & Hours


Hours of Operation:
Monday-Thursday 8am - 4pm
Friday: 8am - 12pm

North Sequoia Bldg, Room 12
Christy Magaña, Test Proctor
(559) 730-3807
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