​Student Success Lab

The Student Success Lab (SSL) Lab is a component of the Access & Ability Center. Open to all students enrolled in LS 308 or IS 308 (Instructional Support), the Lab provides instruction in applied study skills.  It is also available as a drop-in service to qualified students of the Access & Ability Center.  Instructional Aides circulate among students, providing learning strategies to assist with the current course requirements of the participants.
In addition to the Instructional Aides and Lab Coordinator, there are Learning Specialists who conducts assessments for students to determine eligibility for services such as:
  • Extra time on exams
  • Written copies of lecture notes
  • Tape recorded lectures
  • Textbooks in alternative format, e.g.,audio  
  • Quieter place to take exams
Students who experience the following difficulties in school are encouraged to make a 30-minute appointment with one of the Learning Specialists to discuss the possible need for assessment:
  • Misreading and/or miscopying information.
  • Able to express things orally, but struggle to get thoughts down on paper.
  • Often switching letters, numbers, and words around.
  • Getting overly anxious and nervous during exams and/or completely "blanking out"
  • Frustrated with or avoiding math.
  • Difficulty concentrating and easily distracted.
  • Difficulty memorizing information.
Workshops targeting a variety of study skills are offered on a weekly basis; hours and times vary so as to intersect with as many schedules as possible. Times are posted on the whiteboard in the lab.



​Office Hours:

8:30 am - 3:00 pm

8:30 am - 12:00 pm

Office Location:
The Student Success Lab is located in the North Sequoia building in Room 9, across the hall from the Access & Ability Center.

Office Contact:
Melony Henson, Lab Coordinator
(559)737-6121 melonyh@cos.edu

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