Mental Health Counseling is available at all COS campuses for all COS Students

  • Visalia - Counseling services available at the Student Health Center, Monday through Friday.
  • Hanford - Counseling services through the Kings-Tulare DRAW program, by appointment only.
  • Tulare - Counseling services through the Kings-Tulare DRAW program, by appointment only.

The process for counseling begins with an initial triage appointment with a mental health counselor, who will then determine the individual needs of the student and recommend follow up counseling sessions or referral as needed.

Visalia Triage times:

Monday and Tuesday: 9AM - 11AM, Monday 3PM - 5:30PM

Wednesday and Thursday: 11AM - 1PM

Come into the Visalia campus Health Center to pick up a counseling triage packet and talk to a mental health counselor at one of the above times.

DRAW mental health services only available in Hanford & Tulare

Hanford and Tulare Appointments:

Hanford Health Center: 559-583-2530

Tulare Health Center: 559-688-3060

Come to the Student Services Desk, or the Student Health Center to pick up a counseling triage packet.

Telephone triage is also available for Hanford and Tulare students, who cannot access services during the times and locations listed above; please contact the Visalia Health Center at 559-730-3880. If needed, referral information will be provided for continued mental health counseling services.


April 7th is National Alcohol Screening Day.


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