Services Available at your Student Health Center:

  • If service is marked with a (!) it is available at the Hanford and Tulare campus sites by appointment only. Call 730-3880 to schedule


Workout with the Nurse

Giant Pantry

182011410[1].jpg pantry.JPG

American Heart Association BLS Training​

Nutrition on the Go​

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Over-the-Counter medication

Nursing assessment, treatment of
minor or acute illness/injuries
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 Glucose testing

Blood pressure monitoring

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  Hearing screening !

 ​Vision screening !

116450687 hearing test.jpg  MD002418 eyechart.jpg

TB tests

Smoking cessation assistance !

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  Pregnancy testing, for a $5.00 fee

 ​Mental health counseling and referrals

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Contraceptive care services*
Available at COS Health Center, on Tuesday & Thursday from 9:00 - 11:30 AM, provided by Fresno Planned Parenthood Mar Monte Clinic
Call 730-3880 for information 


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Information on health-related topics and self care and more. Just call the Student Health Center, 730-3880, to ask about all the services provided.

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