Do I have to be a student at COS to use the Student  Health Center?

Yes, you must be a currently enrolled COS student. The Student Health Center is fully funded by our student health fees, and therefore, services can only be provided to those students.


Do I need an appointment to see a nurse?

Most services are provided on a drop-in basis.  Appointments are required for all hearing and vision screening, as well as TB skin test reading on the Hanford campus.


Do I need an appointment to see a mental health counselor

Yes. The first step is to come in (or call from Hanford) during triage times (posted on the psychological services page). Ongoing counseling sessions require an appointment.


What is the cost to use the Health Center?

Most health services are free, covered by your student health fee.  An additional fee is charged for pregnancy tests and hepatitis B shots.


I don't have health insurance.  Where can I go if I am sick?

The Health Center can provide information about appropriate referrals if you need services beyond what can be provided by the nurses.


Does the Health Center provide health insurance?

We do not provide health insurance, however, we have information available upon request. What the student health fee does cover is the premium for accident insurance provided to all COS students injured while participating in a COS sponsored event (including classes).


Can I get an absence note from the Health Center?

The Health Center does not provide absence notes to instructors.  We can, however, provide proof that you have been to see a nurse in the Health Center.


Can I get a physical examination at the Health Center ?

If you qualify for the services offered by Planned Parenthood Mar Monte, you may qualify for a physical examination in connection with your contraceptive care.


Can I get prescription drugs at the Health Center?

We have a nurse practitioner who works with us on a limited, appointment only basis. Come in to see the college nurse and she will determine if you require a visit with our nurse practitioner. If a prescription is determined necessary for an acute, intermittent illness, he can provide one. The nurse practitioner provides services in the Visalia campus Student Health Center, upon referral from the college nurse.





Last Updated: 11/8/2011 3:30 PM