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College of the Sequoias
Commencement Ceremony                             


2018 Commencement Ceremony - Thursday, May 24, 2018 - 7:00 pm:

  *   Graduates arrive at the Redwood Gym at 5 pm for check-in and instructions
*   Information regarding the ceremony has been emailed to graduate's emails.
   *   You will check in and receive instructions for the ceremony  (see letter with instructions below)
  No decorated caps/gowns
No purses or personal items
Cell phones will be allowed – must be set on silent
Remind family and friends – no balloons, large signs, or noise makers will be allowed in the stadium

Graduation Requirements:
   Deadline to file for an Associate Degree
Graduates Participating (Walking) in the 2018 Commencement Ceremony:
March 2018 - information will be emailed to Fall 2017 Graduates and Spring 2018 Graduate-Candidates:
  Grad Fest Flyer
  Letter_grads - cap gowns
  Letter_grads - Honors*
  Letter_grads walking
* (Grads with an accumulative gpa of 3.500 - please check your giant email to view letters for: Honor Cords, Honors Reception, and Class Speaker) 
[Note: email attachments don't show up when viewing on phones. If you have questions or need assistance, please visit the Student Activities & Affairs office.]
(check back for info & updates)

Address - Email - Graduation Ceremony

   The Student Activities and Affairs office will be contacting all Fall 2017 graduates and Spring 2018 graduate / candidates in March.

   Students should check their  mailing address in Banner to make sure it is correct.  Diplomas / Degrees will be mailed to home address on file in Banner Web.

correspondence will only be sent to student email system.


 Fall: October 19, 2017     Spring: February 22, 2018

Visit a COS Counseling office to complete a graduation application packet 
  *  Visalia Sequoia Building, Room 103      *  Hanford Hub        *  Tulare Building A
   You must meet with a counselor to determine qualification for graduation
  *  Counseling Center Link           *  Academic Calendar         *  Important Dates
Grad Fest 2018:
April 6, 2018  - 8:30 am - 3:00 pm
   COS Bookstore (Visalia Campus - Giant Forest Bldg.)
   This is when graduates will sign up to participate in the ceremony*
     Cap, Gown, Tassel information/prices
      -  Grad Fest Information
   If you are borrowing a cap/gown - it must be approved at the  
   Student Activities and Affairs office  (Giant Forest bldg)
     [If you are unable to attend the Grad Fest - visit the COS Bookstore 
     during normal business hours (M-F) 
to purchase grad attire]   
[May 10, 2017 - deadline to purchase graduation cap/gown/tassel] 

 * During the Grad Fest:  Graduate/candidates will purchase
    and take their graduation attire with them (cap/gown/tassel)  
     First 100 graduates may fill out a postcard to sign up 
     to record a graduation message. 
     (15 second message to be played while guests arrive in the stadium.)

COS Commencement Videos:​

To purchase a DVD: 
·         Pay for the video at the Cashiers office (Sequoia Rm 102).
o    DVD          - $ 5
o    Blu-Ray    - $ 7
·         Take the receipt to the Audio Visual office (Sycamore Rm 106)
Graduation Photos:
   The Director of the Student Activities and Affairs office coordinates the Graduation Ceremony.
   Informational email blasts will be sent out beginning January 2018 to COS students.
   Letters with graduation information will be emailed in March 2018.
   [Fall 2017 graduates and Spring 2018 graduate candidates]  

Graduation - Participant Letter & Map:
Informational letters will be posted on the web and will be emailed to graduates/candidates in Spring 2018
Important Information - Links  
   * Diplomas/Degrees:    Degrees will be mailed to graduates - $6.00 fee per diploma [mailing address listed in Banner] 
   * Banner/ Universal Login:   Log into Banner make sure your mailing address is correct
   * Email COS:   Make sure your email is active   
   * Herff-Jones - graduation attire, announcements, and more
   * Graduates with a cumulative GPA of 3.500 or higher may purchase honor cords for $12 at the 
      Student Activities and Affairs office [Giant Forest 123]
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