Student Senate
Activity Benefits Fee, Student ID, & Merchant Discounts

Activity Benefits Fee

  Is $7.50 per semester.   
  Click the link below to see a list of benefits:
   * Board Policy 5030           * Brochure-SAA2012-13_online.pdf

ID card.jpg

Student ID Cards

  Are available for all COS students (enrolled in the current semester - at least one class) 
  To obtain an ID card - students must provide a legal form of photo ID* 
  (*driver's license, passport, etc., or an official birth certificate and social security card)

  There is no charge to students for the first card. Replacement cards are $5.

 Local Merchant Discounts

  Is available to COS students as a benefit of the Student Senate Benefit Fee.
  Click on the link below to find out which merchants are participating!
    brochure-merchant discounts Spring 2014.pdfbrochure-merchant discounts Spring 2014.pdf  (revised 1/17/2014)


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