Student Senate
Activity Benefits Fee,
Student ID, & Merchant Discounts 

Activity Benefits Fee

  Is $15.00 per semester
  Click the link below to see a list of benefits:
   * Board Policy 5030           * Student Activities and Affairs Brochure

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Student ID Cards

   Are available for all COS students (enrolled in the current semester - at least one class) 
  To obtain an ID card - students must provide a legal form of photo ID* 
  (*driver's license, passport, etc., or an official birth certificate and social security card)

  There is no charge to students for the first card. Replacement cards are $5.

·        A picture ID is required, such as:
State Driver's License, State-Issued Identification Card, Military-Issued Identification Card, U.S. or Foreign-Issued Passport, Permanent Resident Card, Student Visa, Certificate of Naturalization.

·        If you do not have one of the valid identifications listed above, the following identifications may be used:
Recent high school ID, Social Security Card, or Birth Certificate.

 Local Merchant Discounts

  Is available to COS students as a benefit of the Student Senate Benefit Fee.
  Click on the link below to find out which merchants are participating!
   Merchant Discount Brochure


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