In order to comply with state law and the College of the Sequoias Community College District's parking review program, it is the policy of the District Police Department to review the circumstances surrounding the issuance of a parking citation upon the request of the person to whom the citation was issued. The circumstances of the violation will be reviewed by a committee.  The committee consists of a representative from the Associate student Body (ASB), a member of the College Faculty, and a member of the College Classified Staff.   The committee is chaired by the Chief of Police; however the Chief does not maintain a vote on the action. This level of appeal does not require you to pay the citation. The person receiving the citation will be notified of the results via the e-mail provided on the appeal.

You may submit your appeal using the option given to you on the e-mail notification that will be sent to you when you receive your citation.



You may go the website given below to appeal your citation:




If your first level review is denied and you are found liable for the citation, you may appeal this decision to Hearing Examiner. California Law requires you to pay the fine prior to review.  In the event you win the appeal you will be refunded via the method of payment made online.




Complete the Written Declaration (Second Appeal Form) below.


 Second-Appeal-Form.pdfSecond Appeal Form


Mail form to:

COS District Police Dept.

915 S. Mooney Blvd.

Visalia, CA 93277


You will need to submit your payment via using a debit/credit card.


You can mail a check or a money order to the address below:



    If the Hearing Examiner dismisses your citation, your deposited bail will be refunded via the method of payment you made online.   If you are found liable by the examiner your bail funds will be applied to your citation.


 Please call (559) 730-3726 for more information regarding the Second Level Appeal process.

Last Updated: 8/1/2017 1:48 PM