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 News And Events

COS Accreditation COS Accreditation
COS Presents $1 Million to CUSD
Funds go to modernizing instructional facilities
Accreditation Reaffirmed!
The ACCJC has acted to reaffirm our accreditation!
CCCCO’s Salary Surfer
Compare salaries earned by recent graduates who received an award in a specific program area at California community colleges.
The Campus - COS student news site and newspaper
​A First-Amendment student newspaper and news site
COS Student Success Scorecard
​View our Student Success Scorecard

 Community Connections


Tumblers Sculpture Photo 

COS Business Internship Program COS Business Internship
Students and businesses connect for valuable training

Community Education Community Education
Enhance your career skills or explore something new

Training Resource Center Business & Industry Services
Utilize COS training & consulting
services for your business

COS Bond Measures COS Bond Measures
Measure CMeasure I and Measure J

COS Board Policies The Campus Student News Paper
District policies and procedures


 Featured Links


Current Class Openings
Classes Class Openings