Now Accepting Applications


​Download an application here. Applications for Spring 2018 are due in the Writing Center on Friday, December 8.


So You Want to Work in the Writing Center?

First of all, that’s great! In order to join us as a tutor in the Writing Center you will need a few things. You will need to have an instructor recommendation and a copy of the application, which you can download above. The application will ask who the referring instructor is, what English classes you have taken, and for a writing sample and brief statement of interest.

Applicants may apply at any time. Applications are due at the end of one semester for students interested in working the following semester.

Applicants must leave space in their schedule for English 123 (Writing Center Consultancy class), which meets on Tuesdays  from 4:10-6:00. 

What to Expect from English 123

English 123 meets every Tuesday afternoon, and is focused on helping consultants become better readers and responders to student writing. Each week, we discuss what has been happening in the Writing Center, including any current events consultants should be aware of. The bulk of the class, however, is focused on learning new strategies to become more effective peer responders. Writing Center Consultants are not instructors, but guides. In English 123AD, we will learn to help each student reach the goal of becoming a more successful writer.​​​​​​

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