How do I login to the Library Computer Commons

Computers/Pharos Kiosk/Printers/Photocopiers?



COS Students that have preregistered already have an account in the domain that the PC's/Pharos Kiosk/Printers/Photocopiers use.



Your username is the Student ID number that was given to you when you registered, without the "@" symbol. 


You can find this number on a student schedule from Banner web.

Your SSN will not work to log you onto any COS site other than Banner Web

The password for your account will be your Date of Birth




COS Students:

·         If your name was Joe Student, Student ID @00654321, DOB 3/7/1995

·         Your username would be:    00654321

·         Your password would be:    3/7/1995

You must included the "/" in the password and do not use leading zeros
For example: March 7, 1995 the password is 3/7/1995


CSUF or Fresno Pacific Students:

·         See someone at the Help Desk for account information.

Just make sure that when logging onto a PC that the Domain is ACAD



Last Updated: 8/30/2012 9:13 AM