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AARP (g.)Aging2003+Gift Subscription
African American Review (p.) delayed publicationLiteratureWinter 1976-Summer/Fall 2013Peer Reviewed
African Arts (s.)AfricaAutumn 1967+Scholarly
Agricultural Education (s.) 2012+ at Tulare CampusAgriculture, EducationSe 1963+Scholarly
AmericaNews and Opinion, ReligionOc 1956+
American CraftArt, HobbiesJe 1979+
American Forests 2012+ at Tulare CampusEnvironmentJl 1963+
American HistoryHistoryJe 1971+
American Indian Art (s.)ArtAutumn 1975+Scholarly
American Journal of Nursing (AJN) (p.)Nursing and MedicineMy 1961+Peer Reviewed
American Journal of Public Health (p.)Health1942+Peer Reviewed
American Journalism Review (s.)Communication, Journalism and Writing, Speech and Media1994-Spring 2013  end print publicationScholarly
American Libraries (g.)Books and Book Reviews1970+Gift Subscription
American Literature (p.)LiteratureMy 1965+Peer Reviewed
American RiflemanFishing and HuntingJe 1964+
American Scholar (s.)General InterestSummer 1966+Scholarly
ArchaeologyArchaeologySummer 1958+
Arizona HighwaysCity and Regional1956+
Art in AmericaArt1965+
ArtnewsArtMr 1964+
AstronomyAstronomyNv 1974+
Atlantic MonthlyGeneral Interest1928+
Aviation Week & Space Technology 2012+ at Tulare CampusAeronautics and Space ScienceJl 1959+
BackpackerHobbies, SportsSummer 1974+
Better Homes and GardensHome and Garden1953+
Black EnterpriseBusiness2003+
Black Scholar (s.)BusinessMy 1972+Scholarly
Bloomberg BusinessweekBooks and Book ReviewsDc 14 2009+
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Campus now online at Se 1946+ (hardcopy)
Christian Science Monitor 1968-My 1972 (MF)
Fresno Bee Current 2 months
Los Angeles Times 1980-Ja 15 1994 (MF) current 2 months
New York Times 1971-1992 (MF)
San Francisco Chronicle Current 2 months
Visalia Times Delta Current 6 months
Wall Street Journal Current 2 months
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