​Title Date created or updated ​Creator/Owner
Art (Allyson Sullivan) Spring 2018 ​Milena Seyed
​Animal Science (​Biology 22) ​Spring 2017 ​Milena Seyed/Emily Campbell
Asian American Studies (Greg Basham)​ ​Spring 2017 ​Milena Seyed
Asian/Pacific Islanders Spring 2017 ​Milena Seyed
Biographies, Autobiographies and Memoirs​​​ Fall 2017 Emily Campbell
Biology 20 (Brad Goodbar)​ ​Fall 2017 Gina Haycock/Emily Campbell
Biology 31: Human Physiology Spring 2017​ Manlia Xiong​
Black History Spring 2018 Milena Seyed​
Child Development 39 (Miss G) Summer 2017​ Jackie Lepeau ​
Child Development 148 (Raul Angeles)​  ​Spring 2017 ​Kelsey Smith
Child Development 154 (Raul Angeles) ​Spring 2017 ​Kelsey Smith
Children's Books​ ​Fall 2017 Kelsey Smith
Endangered Species ​Spring 2017 ​Kathie Lewis/Manlia Xiong
English (Robert Vasquez) ​Spring 2018 ​Milena Seyed​
Hispanic Americans​ Fall 2017 Linda Yamakawa​
History of Rock & Roll (Deborah Nolan)​ ​Fall 2017 ​Linda Yamakawa
Human Development (Craig Chandler)​ ​Fall 2017 ​Manlia Xiong
Human Services ​Fall 2017 Milena Seyed​/Emily Campbell
Jazz Appreciation Month​​ ​Fall 2017 ​Linda Yamakawa​
Jobs, Careers and Resumes ​Fall 2017 Kathie Lewis/Manlia Xiong​
Journalism ​Fall 2017 ​Milena Seyed
Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender ​Fall 2017 Lynne Kemmer/Milena Seyed
Literature​ ​Fall 2017 ​Milena Seyed
Local, National and Global Statistics ​​Summer 2017 ​Lynne Kemmer/Linda Yamakawa
Musical Instruments (Walden)​ ​Spring 2017 Linda Yamakawa
Native Americans ​Fall 2017 ​Milena Seyed
Quick Reads Spring 2017​ Kathie Lewis/Milena Seyed​
​​​Psychology ​Fall 2017 ​Raina Yang
Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) Program Guide ​Fall 2017 ​Mary-Catherine Oxford
Poetry Month ​Spring 2017 ​Milena Seyed
​Social Work Month​ ​Spring 2017 ​​​Milena Seyed
Sociology 1 (Medrano)​ Summer 2017 ​Kelsey Smith
Veterans​ Spring 2017 Kelsey Smith​
Welding Spring 2017​ Manlia Xiong​
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