Classroom 205

Room #205 is one of the 4 classrooms at COS in which Distance Education - Interactive TV (Synchronous) classes can be taught. This classroom may also be used for regular instruction.


Library Classroom 203

Room #203 is the Library classroom and is equipped with 40 computers.  It is used by faculty, staff, and administration for training and library instruction/orientations. It is not available for individual use.


​Group Study Rooms

These rooms are available on a first come, first served basis and are useful for group study projects.


Quiet Study Area

Every effort is made​ to keep the second floor of the LRC as a quiet study area as many students request a quiet place to study.  Please, respect their wishes while on the second floor.


​Book Shelves

This area houses the LRC library's main book collection. It includes bound periodicals, fiction, non-fiction and oversized books. There are computers available at the ends of the stack to search the online catalog for titles and locations. You can also search the library collection from any computer that has Internet access. Click the highlighted area of the map to go to the online catalog.

​Writing Center

The writing center is designed for students wishing to work on papers in any subject area with the help of a writing instructor or student tutor. Click the highlighted area of the map to go to the Writing Center's website.

/Library/Map/PublishingImages/picture 019.jpg

​Conference Room 210/FEC

Room#210/FEC (Faculty Enrichment Committee) can be reserved for faculty committee meetings. The table can comfortably sit fourteen people. There are also three computers and a printer for faculty use.

/Library/Map/PublishingImages/picture 021.jpg

​Math Lab

Math Lab is often staffed with faculty members from the math department. Students are welcome to come in and ask for help or just do their math homework. Click the highlighted area of the map to go to the Math Lab's website for more information.

/Library/Map/PublishingImages/library map_pic_math.jpg

​Learning Skills Lab

This lab provides instruction in applied study skills. It is open to all students enrolled in LS 308: Instructional Support, and is used as a drop-in service by qualified students of the AAC. Click the highlighted area of the map to go to the Learning Skills Lab website for more information.

/Library/Map/PublishingImages/library map_pic_lsl.jpg

​Tutorial Center

The primary function of the Tutorial Center is to provide individual or small group tutoring to any student who needs and wants to improve his/her class performance. Students may apply for tutoring at any time during the semester, but the sooner, the better the opportunity to make significant improvements in your study. Click the highlighted area of the map to go to the Tutorial Center website for more information.

/Library/Map/PublishingImages/library map_pic_tutorial.jpg

​Children and Juvenile Books

This area houses children picture books and the children and juvenile fiction collection. Some books are purchased to support the early childhood classes. If you have children, you are encouraged to check out books and to spend time reading to them. Click the highlighted area of the map to see some of the titles.

/Library/Map/PublishingImages/library map_pic_child.jpg

​Computer Commons

This area has over 70 computers for student use. Each computer has Internet access, software programs that support the curriculum and word processing. Click the highlighted area of the map for more information.

/Library/Map/PublishingImages/library map_pic_computer_commons.jpg

​Reference Desk

Also called the information desk, this is the spot to ask COS librarians (faculty with masters degrees in library and information science) questions related to research for your classes. Click the highlighted area of the map to go to the online reference service called Ask a Librarian where your questions can be emailed to COS librarians.

/Library/Map/PublishingImages/library map_pic_refdesk.jpg

​Research Computers

These computers are dedicated to student research using the LRC's academic databases and word processing. They are located right in front of the reference desk. 
The databases may be accessed off campus following the instructions from the top of its web page (click the highlighted​ area to get to that page).


​Magazines Lounge Area

An area of the LRC for students to quietly relax and browse current issues of journals, newspapers and magazines including popular titles such as Time, Hot Rod, People, Consumer Reports, Gourmet, Rolling Stone, Fine Woodworking, Hispanic and Ebony, as well as respected journals from many career areas. Click the highlighted area of the map to see all periodical titles.

/Library/Map/PublishingImages/library map_pic_maglounge.jpg

New Books Display

The shelves in this area contain a selection of brand new books on a wide variety of subjects. Click the highlighted area of the map to see the tiles. ​

/Library/Map/PublishingImages/library map_pic_newbooks.jpg

​Circulation (Periodicals)

The back part of Circulation Desk holds older issues of periodicals (newspapers, magazines and journals). Click the highlighted area for more information.


​Circulation (Reserves)

This is where you check out library materials and pay fines. The area behind the circulation desk houses a select collection of textbooks and materials that instructors have put on Reserve for their students.

/Library/Map/PublishingImages/library map_pic_circ1.jpg

​Reference Area

This area houses COS Library print reference collection. Reference books are not meant to be read cover-to-cover and include dictionaries, statistical resources, subject and general encyclopedias, atlases and law books. Reference books cannot be taken out of the library, but there are several copy machines available to make copies of needed pages.

/Library/Map/PublishingImages/library map_pic_Refarea.jpg
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