Library 102 Fourth Class Session





Web Evaluation:

Blogs and Wikis


Blogs:​ Wikis:​

Blog: (weblog) A web site that contains an online 
personal journal with reflections, comments, and
often hyperlinks. ​

Wiki: A web site that lets visitors add, remove and
 edit content.

News oriented​ Topic oriented
Postings by date in reverse chronological order​ Normal web page appearance
Readers can comment on individual postings​ Separate comments section
Postings often personal​ Less personal
Typically maintained by an individual​ Usually maintained by many contributors
Can't access the history of edits​ Can access the history of edits
Identity of maintainer usually easier to ascertain​ Usually more difficult to ascertain identity
 of authors/editors​



Positive characteristics of a reputable blog:

  • Discussion of issues rather than personal activities

  • Signed by an author

  • Comments stay on topic

  • Postings are cited on other blogs

  • New postings appear regularly


Positive characteristics of a reputable wiki:

  • Sponsors of the wiki can be identified

  • Is appropriate for your research

  • Can determine the expertise of those who can edit or contribute

  • Sources are cited

  • Contributors must follow guidelines

  • The wiki is monitored and monitors are identifiable

  • Currency of the edits ¹

¹Evaluating Web Content - Blogs and Wikis. University Libraries University at Albany. n.d.Web. 25 Jan. 2011.




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