Library 102 Syllabus


Library 102 Internet Information Resources in an information literacy course teaching students to efficiently retrieve and evaluate Web sites for academic and personal use.

Library 102 is a one unit class transferable to the CSU system as an elective. This course is one of three approved courses to complete the Information Competnency Rquirement as of Fall 2013 for the COS GE pattern for graduation.

Course Objectives:
On the completion of Library 102 the student will be able to do the following:
  • Explain how the Internet and the World Wide Web originated.
  • Recognize and explain terminology basic to the Internet.
  • Distinguish between site searching, directory searching and search engine searching.
  • Formulate search strategies.
  • Compare and evaluate search engines.
  • Evaluate web sites according to specific criteria.
  • Cite a Web source in MLA format.
  • Discuss some of the controversies regarding the Internet in our society.
Course Student Learning Outcomes:
On the completion of Library 102 the student will be able to do the following:
  • Successfully evaluate web sites according to specific crteria answering the question: "Would you use this site for a research paper? Why or Why not?
Course Requirements:
Exercises (20 points each) 100 Points
Article Summary 30
Final Quiz (Open Book and Open Note) 30
Final Project: Synthesis 40
Total Possible 200 Points
180-200 Points A
160-179 B
140-159 C
120-139 D
119 and Less F

The student is responsible for dropping the class. Because this is a short-term class, the final drop date is the same as the first night of class. In order to receive a refund and to NOT receive a "W", the class must be dropped by the end of the first evening. If the class is dropped after the second day, a "W" will appear on the student's record. The instructor DOES NOT HAVE THE OPTION OF ASSIGNING A "W". If the student remains registered in the class, the instructor MUST assign a letter grade.

Because this class is offered in a very short period of time, the student MUST be present for the duration of each class session.

Cheating is a violation of the Code of Student Conduct and will NOT be tolerated. Cheating on an exam or assignment will result in receiving a zero for the entire exam or assignment and can lead to expulsion from the class or from the College of Sequoias.

Topics and Assignments: 

First Class Session

Second Class Session 

Third Class Session

Fourth Class Session  

Introduction and Pre-test

Web/Internet Opinion Survey

Urban Legends



DNS and URLs

Searching Three Ways

Search Directories

Exercise I: Search Directories
Text: pp. 1-59

Proprietary Databases

Invisible Web

Search Strategies

Search Engines

Specialized Search Engines

Meta-Search Engines

Exercise II Search Strategy and Search Engines

Article Summary
Text: pp. 61-135

Article Discussion

Review Searching

Web Page Evaluation


Exercise III: Group Web Page Evaluation Part I
and Part II

Exercise IV: Web Page Evaluation

Web Page Evaluation : Blogs and Wikis

Exercise V:  Web Page Evaluation (Blogs/Wikis) Part I and Part II


Final Quiz

Final Project: Synthesis


Course Text:

Hock, Randolph. The Extreme Searcher's Internet Handbook: A Guide for the Serious Searcher. 4th ed. New Jersey: CyberAge Books, 2013. Print.

Purchasing the text is optional. The text is on reserve at the COS Learning Resource Center (Library) Circulation Desk. (#025.04 H685)
If you purchase the text the bookstore will not buy it back as a used book.

Course Instructor:

Gina Haycock
Learning Resources Specialist/Librarian
College of the Sequoias - Library
Lodgepole #215
915 South Mooney Blvd.
Visalia, CA 93277
Direct Line & Voice Mail: (559)737-6172
Library Telephone: (559)730-3824 or (559)730-3825

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