Requirements for Credit

Units are awarded by amount of hours worked during the semester. For each 60 hours of unpaid work interns complete they will receive 1 unit of credit. For each 75 hours of paid work interns will receive 1 unit of credit.  Credit is allowed to a maximum of 4 units of credit per semester.

If you are interested in an internship you will need to do the following:

  1. Have a minimum GPA of 2.5 in order to be eligible for an internship through the COS Business internship program.
  2. Students must complete an Internship application and return to the Internship office at Kern 711B. Along with the completed application, the student will provide a current professional resume.
  3. List at least two COS professors as references and indicate the course and semester you had the professor (i.e. Acct. 1 Spring 2017). You need only list the professors, the internship office will contact the professors on your behalf. 
  4. Students will be required to have a signed code of conduct form on file with the internship office.
  5. Students will be familiar with utilizing the COS e-mail account.

During the internship

  1. With the site supervisor interns will develop measurable learning objectives. These objectives will be approved by the internship coordinator.
  2. Interns will complete the on-site work experience
  3. Interns will maintain a log of hours and submit monthly time cards to the internship coordinator that have been signed by the site supervisor.
  4. Interns will check for e-mails from the internship office on a regular basis. 

Conclude the internship.

  1. Interns will be required to help schedule a meeting between the site supervisor and the internship coordinator for the intern evaluation.
  2. Interns will complete a self evaluation describing:
    1. Specific skills developed
    2. New or expanded knowledge gained
    3. Personal development that took place
    4. How career awareness was expanded
  3. Interns will complete an exit interview at the end of the semester.





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