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Professor Lucy DeCaro, MBA
College of the Sequoias, Business Division
Business Internship Coordinator
I have had the privilege of teaching here at College of the Sequoias, Business Division since 1995 and absolutely love it. I have been on the Internship committee since its inception 2005. And in 2016 I became the Coordinator.
I believe in the value of the Internship Program. We have quality positions to give you the on the job experience you need to enrich your educational experience.
Lucy can be contacted at (559)737-6162 or at lucyd@cos.edu
Daniel Rivas, AA in Business for Transfer
College of the Sequoias
Business Internship Program Assistant
My education journey began here at COS in 2014 and I recently received my Associates Degree in Business in the    Spring of 2017. Within those years I had the privilege of working in various departments at COS as a student worker. After demonstrating hard work and dedication, COS has offered me this position in the Business Internship Program. Experience is an important component to building one's resume and long term career.
      That is why I believe in what the Business Internship Program offers. I feel it's the missing link to a student's education and career success.
Daniel can be contacted at (559)730-3975 or danielri@cos.edu
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