Overview and Requirements – Business Information


Internship Position guidelines:

Before the internship will be posted, the following information will be needed:

  1. A completed Business application should be returned to the internship office. The information required will include name of company, internship contact person’s name, phone number, fax number, and e-mail address. If the person supervising or mentoring the intern will be different than the contact, please include their name and telephone number.
  2. Preferred academic major/certificate or academic interest of the student intern. Major/Certificates include Accounting, Administrative Assistant, Banking, Bookkeeping, Business (general), Business Management, Computer Applications/ Information Systems, Computerized Office Procedures, Law Office Clerk/Receptionist, Legal Secretary, Marketing, Paralegal, Real Estate, and Word Processing.
  3. Required skills and other qualifications. Examples include computer skills, language skills, communication and writing skills, year in school, or course work completed.
  4. Work schedule. Approximate number of hours per week. If work times are fixed, please specify, otherwise it is assumed that work hours can be arranged around the student’s school schedule. Most full time students plan on 10-15 hours per week for an internship.
  5. Pay status. Indicate if paid or unpaid. If paid, state the rate of pay (e.g. hourly, salary, stipend, performance bonus, etc.). Include any other benefits (e.g. employee discounts, event tickets, etc.).
  6. Description of the internship activities. Include a description of the duties, responsibilities, and specific project assignments. In order to qualify for academic credit, an internship must provide for: (A) a progressive learning experience: Intern assignments should provide for progressive and/or multiple learning experiences rather than repetitive activity. (B) Opportunities to enhance existing skills and develop practical knowledge.
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