Effective Internship – Business

 The COS Internship Office:

  1. Qualifies internships for academic credit utilizing faculty in the appropriate discipline.
  2. Qualifies students according to the program requirements.
  3. Posts available internships and facilitates internship placement.
  4. Provides students who are selected with all of the appropriate paperwork and forms.
  5. Monitors the internship experience via e-mail and direct contact.

The Internship Program Strives to:

  1. Match student qualifications with the company needs. However, an interview should be used to determine if the student qualifies. Students should be very clear as to the nature of the assignment.
  2. Provide as many students as possible to interview. However, supply of, and demand for, specific areas of course work varies from semester to semester and we cannot guarantee that a specific number of students will apply.
  3. Assure positive experience for both the intern and the work station. Any concerns, problems, or conflicts should be reported to the internship coordinator as soon as possible so that they may be addressed in a timely manner.

Other Factors Leading to a Good Internship Experience:

  1. Specific internship objectives. Interns are required to establish learning objectives for themselves at the beginning of the internship. These objectives should be developed with the help of the supervisor so that both parties are clear on what the purpose of the internship is.
  2. Predetermined outputs that the intern can show to future employers as evidence of their work and accomplishments.
  3. An opportunity to be involved in the training and learning experiences. Interns should be encouraged to attend training courses and professional meetings. Knowing how professionals learn, helps develop the intern.



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