Tulare-Kings Counties

       Basic Peace Officer Academy


 Accepting Applications for Intensive Module I Candidates
Class begins October 2016


Testing for Spring Academies begins in September of 2016 


Welcome to the Tulare-Kings Counties Basic Peace Officer Academy. The courses are certified by the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.).  In order for someone to be eligible to serve as a full time Peace Officer in California, completion of the Basic Police Academy is required.  Completion of this Academy will result in 28.5 units of college credit being awarded.  All traditional college financial aid programs and Veteran's benefits apply.

There are a large number of job openings for law enforcement officers throughout the State of California.  The Commission on POST lists current job openings on their website at https://post.ca.gov/law-enforcement-jobs.aspx. While there are a number of agencies that hire top-quality candidates and pay for them while they attend the police academy, the majority of agencies, particularly in the Central Valley, require the completion of a police academy prior to employment.  Completion of our Academy Program allows students to serve in municipal, county and most state law enforcement agencies throughout California.

Our Academy Program offers law enforcement academy training in both the Intensive and Extended formats.  Both programs are 937-hours in length and are fully CA POST-certified.

The Intensive Academy is a six-month course which meets weekdays, Monday thru Friday, from 6:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  Some evening and weekend class meetings are also scheduled.  The next available Intensive Academy (139th Class) is scheduled to begin in February of 2017

The Extended Academy is a ten-month course which meets on Saturdays and Sundays from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. with approximately seven Friday sessions scheduled throughout the course.  This format is designed for the working adult who is able to train on weekends.  This format meets all of the same training requirements as provided in the Intensive format. The next available Extended Academy (138th Class) is scheduled to begin on January of 2017.   

If you have passed the POST Pellet B (Academy Entrance Examination) with a T-score of 42.0 or higher, within one year of the start date of the Academy class, we will accept that score and waive the written test.  The test score must be documented on the testing agency's letterhead and will be verified through POST. 

Upon passing the written test, you will be invited to take the Pre-Academy Physical Agility Test.  The Pre-Academy Physical Agility Test consists of the following events:
    • Run a 99-yard obstacle course consisting of several sharp turns, a number of curb-height obstacles, and a 34-inch high obstacle that must be vaulted
    • Lift and drag a 165-pound lifelike dummy 32-feet
    • Run 5 yards to a 6-foot chain link fence, climb over fence, continue running another 25 yards
    • Run 5 yards to a 6 foot solid fence, climb over fence, continue running another 25 yards
  • 500-YARD RUN
    • Run 500 yards
Each of the five events is timed. Student performance times are converted to points and summed. Students must accumulate a total score of 300 points to pass.  A signed waiver will be required before participation in the events.
Once you have passed the Physical Agility Test, you will be notified of the date for the mandatory Pre-enrollment Session, where the official class will be selected from those candidates.  Candidates who are not selected are placed on a reserve list and are encouraged to continue in the process, as class members will drop out prior to the start of the Academy.  
Interested students should consider enrolling in the Academy Preparation Course (PS313) for the Fall 2016 semester, which begins on the second week of August.  The Academy Preparation Course meets on Thursday evenings from 6:10 - 9:00 PM and helps to prepare students for the challenges of Academy training.  The course also includes a strong focus on passing the Academy Entrance Exam.
The Academy Program is located at the Hanford Educational Center at 925 13th Ave in the City of Hanford. 
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