Application Process


The following information will explain how to enter the

137th Intensive Peace Officer Academy Course 

Beginning in August 2016


The first step for academy applicants is to sign-up for one of three POST Written Entrance Examinations scheduled for April/May of 2016. In order for you to reserve a place in a testing session, you must register for the exam on our website beginning on March 21, 2016.  There is a $10.00 testing fee which is paid at the time of registration. On the day of the test, you must present your valid driver's license or other photographic identification to be admitted to the testing room.   You will not need to bring any other equipment.   In fact, cell phones, Blackberry units and any other types of electronic instruments are strictly prohibited in the testing room.

The entrance examination itself was designed by the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST).   It is 2.5 hours in length.   Most of the questions are of the reading comprehension type.   In other words, you will read one or more paragraphs and answer a series of questions based on the material in those paragraphs.   Other questions in this first booklet measure your vocabulary, spelling, and sentence structure skills. The final section of the test will feature a page or more of text with key words left out.   Your task is to fill-in the proper word from your own vocabulary.

An excellent source of information about this test is the POST internet website.   Go to this address: . Click on the Hiring tab. Then click on the Exams and Assessments tab. You should then Click on the Applicant Preparation Guide for the Entry-level Law Enforcement Test Battery (PDF) link.

Last minute study will generally be of little benefit to you.   The most beneficial thing you can do is get plenty of rest the night before and arrive at least 20 minutes early.   If you live reasonably close to COS, you might also consider locating the test room a day or two ahead of time.   The object is to be as calm and rested as possible on test day with no last minute problems to distract you.

Of course, completing one or more college-level English courses will assist you greatly with passing the entrance examination and in dealing with the numerous reading and writing assignments in the academy course.

Once the written test has been passed, candidates are then invited to take the Pre-Academy Physical Agility Test.  That test is usually scheduled about two weeks after the written test.     

We afford priority enrollment in the Academy course to those recruits who are being paid to attend by their police agency employers.   We start each course with a maximum of 62 students.

After establishing the priority enrollments, we rank all other applicants by their combined written and PT test scores; and begin from the top of the list to admit candidates who wish to enter each class.   Candidates selected for the academy course will first attend a Pre-enrollment meeting where they will begin the process of signing forms, being fingerprinted thru the Live Scan system, etc.   Next, the candidates will attend a mandatory eight-hour Orientation Session which takes place six weeks prior to the beginning date of each academy course.

Admitted candidates to the academy will meet again one month prior to the first day of the course in order to register for the course.  Total tuition amounts to $1,311 plus registration fees.  Tuition for the 2016 Spring semester should be $46 a unit. Tuition does not pay for your equipment, uniforms, ammunition or miscellaneous expenses.

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