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Generally, there are four areas of scholarship sources available for COS students:

  • High School Scholarships (Check with your High School Counselor)
  • COS Institutional Scholarships
  • Transfer Scholarships (Check with the university you plan to attend)
  • Outside Scholarships

High School Scholarships

These scholarships are given through a student’s high school usually when they graduate. If you are a high school student and would like more information regarding scholarships you may be eligible for through your school, please contact your school counselor in the counseling office. They will be able to give you the most current information regarding the policies at your school.

If you receive a high school scholarship and would like to use it at COS, please submit your scholarship letter or certificate and an  Enrollment and GPA Verification Release form to our office. After verifying your enrollment, we will request funds from the donor. Once we receive the funds for your scholarship and you meet the criteria, we can issue the funds to you.


COS Institutional Scholarships

The 2019-2020 Scholarship Application is now closed.


Transfer Scholarships

Just as COS administers our institutional scholarships, most college/universities have similar programs available for their students. Please contact the scholarship office at any institution that you may be interested in attending to get specific information regarding application procedures at that school. Each office will have their own application period and process. Plan early! Some schools require applications a year or more in advance for their scholarships. It is always a good idea to get information as early as possible and be prepared instead of missing a deadline by a few days.

Outside Scholarships

“Outside” scholarships refers to a broad range of scholarships that are not connected with any institution. In fact, they are also referred to as “non-institutional “scholarships. These are set up by the donor (an individual, group, business, civic or religious organization, or employers) according to a set of criteria published with the scholarship.

Today, the internet has changed the way students are able to find scholarship information. Now there are websites that index huge local and national databases that track scholarships and scholarship criteria. Students only need to fill out a free online application. This information is 100% free . There is also a list of resources available to students on our Current Outside Scholarships page.

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