Instructor: Dave Howell

Office Hours: MW 8:30-9 & 12:30-1,T TH8:30-9 &12:00-

Office: 332A

Telephone: 730-3882



Description: Aspects of physical and cultural geography such as landforms, climate, vegetation, natural resources, demography, cultural diversity, and political organization are applied to various world regions. An emphasis is placed on examining man-land relationships, multicultural issues, and understanding world problems from a geographic perspective (for more specifics, see course outline in division office). This class is presented in a lecture-discussion format.

Required Texts: Concepts & Regions in Geography
Hammond Comparative World Atlas

Exams: Four exams will be given, each worth 100 points. Exam questions consist of multiple choice, true-false, matching, short answer, and essays. All exam dates will be announced at least one week in advance.

Quizzes: Four map quizzes will be given, each worth 50 points.

Miscellaneous: A take-home map assignment will be given during the course of the semester and perhaps a couple of in-class activities worth 5-10 points each.

Extra Credit: A few in-class activities will provide an opportunity for extra credit points.

Make-ups: Students will be allowed to make up one map quiz or one exam if they are unable to attend class on a test date. All make-ups will be given during a designated time period the week before finals. No in-class activities can be made-up.

Attendance: Class attendance and participation are an important part of the course because a large percentage of test questions are derived from lectures and classroom activities.

Drop Policy: If you wish to withdraw from the class (I HOPE YOU WILL NOT!), the burden rests with you to take the proper steps.

Grading: Grades are determined by total points accumulated throughout the semester and will be based on the following percentage system:



90 - 100% A

80 - 89% B

66 - 79% C

55 - 65% D

0 - 54% F


I reserve the right to raise your grade a few points at the end of the semester based on factors such as attendance, participation, and effort.

Miscellaneous: Please come to class on time and do not bring children. Late work may be accepted at the instructor's discretion and will include point deductions. Cheating or plagiarism will be dealt with according to the Student Code of Conduct which includes consequences ranging from reprimand to expulsion.


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