Employee SoftSkills Training

Build the leadership capacity of your organization by inviting COS's Business, Industry Training Center to facilitate your training workshops. The links on the left are examples of customized workshops we can deliver to your. Many of these workshops have been designed into a Supervisory Academy or Customer Service Series for our clients.
Please contact us with any questions you may have or to help you design a series of workshops that will strengthen the leadership capacities, customer service or supervisory skills of the people in your organization.
Having the right attitude has a positive impact on the workplace and our interactions with our customers. Explore how attitudes at work positively and negatively affect customer service, the organization’s image, productivity, and employee retention.
Communication is a key to customer service success. To best serve both our internal and external customers, we must understand what they want, when they want it, why they want it and what their expectations are. How can we figure all of this out if we aren’t good listeners and communicators? This training course covers verbal and nonverbal communication as well as superior listening skills. Participants will have the opportunity to practice techniques.
Conflict Management
Conflict gets in the way of good business. Explore the causes and impact conflict can have on customer service. Learn strategies and techniques for resolving tough issues and how to turn a difficult customer into a loyal one.
Customer Service
Explore key skills and attitudes necessary to effectively meet the customer’s needs. Participants will be introduced to concepts and appropriate techniques for dealing with internal and external customers, enhancing customer satisfaction and insuring positive communication.
Decision Making and Problem Solving
Many of us face a constant barrage of workspace decisions and problems to be solved. Regardless of our job responsibilities in the company, we are responsible for smart choices. Learn decision-making styles, processes and techniques and when they should be applied. Learn how to be a creative problem solver.
Leadership: It's More Than Just a Position
Leadership is not a position, it is a behavior. Whether you are on the front lines taking care of customers or have the responsibility of a team of 300, you have the ability to influence people and make decisions that can positively impact your organization. You don’t have to be elected or promoted to a position to practice leadership.
Managing Change
We face constant change in the workplace. Explore our natural tendencies and the tendencies of our customers to resist change. Learn skills to adapt and accept change.
Multicultural Dynamics
The workplace demands people who understand, respect and value different cultural backgrounds. In this training session, you will gain an understanding of the four layers of diversity, explore differences and stereotyping, assess the impact of diversity in your organization and understand cultural programming and how to accommodate it. You will also learn the most common beliefs that other cultures have of Americans.

Professional Presentation Success
Whether you are making a presentation to the three potential customers or have a formal presentation to an entire group of managers at your workplace, you need to master the art of speaking in front or a group and delivering an effective presentation. Learn to control apprehension by being prepared and professional and learn tip to make sure your presentation is heard and will influence your audience to take action.
Stress Management
Did you know 1 million Americans call in sick every day because of stress related reasons? This costs organizations money...especially in lowered productivity. This course defines what stress is and how it affects both our employees and the workplace. Causes of stress are identified and dozens of stress management tips and techniques are delivered and practiced.
Time Management
The workplace demands efficiency and productivity. The way we manage our time has an impact on our ability to get things done. Explore time management techniques at work that will help you stay in balance and be more effective in the workplace.
Values and Ethics
Ethical behavior affects what happens in the workplace. This course provides the opportunity to evaluate ethical behavior, what is appropriate, and what is not. A 3-step checklist is introduced to help participants in recognizing ethical behavior.
Working Effectively With Others
Whether customers or colleagues, we sometimes run into “difficult” people. They do or say things that drive you crazy? Have you ever stopped to consider that maybe the feeling is mutual? Perhaps YOU drive them crazy and you don’t even realize it. This session will help you understand the motivation behind people’s actions. Generally, people don’t consciously do things to make your life difficult... they just do what they do because that is who they are. This session will leave you with a better understanding of the strengths (and weaknesses) others bring to the table and how you can adapt your way of thinking to interact with them in a positive way so that you can complete the sell or be more effective.
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