PLC for Industrial Maintenance

This course will focus on the application of and troubleshooting of Programmable Logic Controllers.  Building on the previous classes it will help develop skills to be able to work around the PLC and troubleshoot the equipment that depends on the PLC to for its logical control. This class will concentrate on: Sensors, both analog and digital. Low voltage controls, Specialty Motor Controls, VFD’s Soft-Starts and other solid state motor controls.

Topics Covered:
  • Review of Basic Electricity and Motor Controls
  • Input Devices - Limit Switch's - Pressure Switches - Liquid Level Switches - Temperature Switches
  • Input Devices - Inductive Sensors -  Capacitive Sensors - Photoelectric Sensor - Ultrasonic Proximity -Hall Effect Sensors
  • Output Devices - Low Voltage Control - Optic - Isolation - Relays and Motor Starters -  Fluid Control Valves
  • Logic Controls Diagrams - Ladder Diagram vs. PLC Diagrams
  • Programmable Controllers - Modular Systems - Power Supply - CPU - Memory - Input/output Modules
  • Establishing Communication with the PLC - Understanding  Basic programming
  • Develop sample programs for the A/B Micrologix  controller
  • Work with sample programs for the A/B Micrologix  controller. Familiarization with our different PLC
  • Trainers. Basics of troubleshooting
  • Troubleshooting, the instructor built-in errors, to each of our multiple PLC Trainers.

This class is hands-on as well as discussion orientated. We are prepared to give this training at your site or ours.

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