Our Intention Statement and Values Define Us-the Coaches and the Program. It is who we are and what we stand for fundamentally. It is our promise to you that if you take on living with integrity, responsibility, honor, commitment and authentic communication, not only will softball work for you, but you will be unstoppable in life-living a life you love.  

The 5 Fundamental Values that are at the heart of who we are:

  • Integrity - Doing what you say, by when you said you’d do it. It’s "being" your word and your word is honest. This value is essential to the success of this program…It means that your word and more importantly honoring your word, makes up "you". This makes anything possible.


  • Responsibility - Being accountable for your actions, words, thoughts and feelings. YOU, are the cause for the way your life is! Every other explanation is an excuse.


  • Honor - This value encompasses attributes such as passion, intensity, love, acceptance, tolerance, dignity, and competitiveness. To honor is to respect-give glory. Honor yourself, the game, each other. Live life by playing it "full out", "all" you’ve got, "all" of the time. This way of being yields freedom and peace.


  • Commitment - An unwavering stand for who you say you are, what you say you’ll do. To be what you say you can be counted on for. It’s what no one can mess with. It’s a promise or agreement. It’s the diligence, work-ethic, discipline, determination, and fortitude to stand true to your word regardless of circumstance, reason, justification, outcome or attachments. It’s the "unreasonableness" you’ll go to, to be your word.


  • Authentic Communication - Straight-Talk (the backbone to teams): Communication that is story free….driven by sharing one’s responsibility in the matter. It’s sharing the truth. It’s judgment free. It’s saying whatever there is to be said without fear. It’s putting aside opinions and judgments to be present and listen to another. If you have a problem, disagreement or question, you go to the person who can do something about it. You don’t engage others into agreement with you regarding someone else. Authentic Communication is speaking with the intention for clarity or resolution. You listen from the place of giving each other the benefit of the doubt. Understand that the causes of upsets and resentment are in undelivered communication.
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