Baseball Traditions
COS Giants to the MLB
Name   Years at COS Team, Debut (Current Club, Level)
Chris Schwinden ('05-'06) New York Mets, September 6, 2011
Josh Labanderia ('98-'99) Montreal Expos, September 17, 2004
Johnny Estrada ('96-'97) Philadelphia Phillies, May 15, 2001
Bob Ojeda ('77-'78) Boston Red Sox, July 13, 1980
Brad Mills ('76-'77) Montreal Expos, June 8, 1980 (Manager, Houston Astros, 2010)
Steve Stroughter ('71) Seattle Mariners, April 7, 1982
Jim Wohlford ('70) Kansas City Royals, September 1, 1972
Daryl Patterson ('63-'64) Detroit Tigers, April 10, 1968
Jack Aker ('59) Kansas City Athletics, May 3, 1964
COS Giants in the MLB Draft
Name   Years at COS School (Division), Professional Team (Current Level)
Ryan Rieger ('11) Florida Marlins (A)
​Patrick ​Hutcheson ​('09-'10) ​Fresno State (DI), Colorado Rockies
​John ​Niggli ​('09-'10) ​Liberty University (D1), Texas Rangers
Beau Riportella ('07) St. Louis Cardinals
Chris Schwinden ('05-'06) Fresno Pacific (NAIA), New York Mets (NY Mets)
Clay Allison ('05-'06) Fresno State (D1), Los Angeles Dodgers
Ryan Blair ('05-'06) Sacramento State (D1), Cleveland Indians
Daniel Rios ('04-'05) Pittsburg Pirates
Grant Duff ('02-'05) New York Yankees (AA)
Sergio Silva ('01-'02) Pittsburg Pirates
Brandon Marcelli ('01-'02) Fresno State (DI), St. Louis Cardinals
Jeff Housman ('00-'01) Cal-State Fullerton (DI), Milwaukee Brewers
Matt Morgan ('00-'01) Lewis & Clark State (NAIA), Arizona Diamondbacks
Jesse Acosta ('00-'01) San Francisco State (DII), Oakland A’s
Leonard Landeros ('00-'01) Oakland A’s
Josh Labanderia ('98-'99) Fresno State (DI), Montreal Expos
Johnny Estrada ('96-'97) Philadelphia Phillies
Daniel Viveros ('96) Colorado Rockies
Eric Plooy ('95-'96) California Angels
Roger Harris ('95) St. Louis Cardinals
Kurt Airoso ('94-'95) Cal-State Northridge (DI), Detroit Tigers
Nate Rice ('94-'95) Cal-State Northridge (DI), San Francisco Giants
Casey Kirkman ('92-'93) San Diego Padres
Ryan Miller ('91-'93) Long Beach State (DI), New York Mets
Chris Davis ('90) Boston Red Sox
Reggie Garcia ('88) Philadelphia Phillies
Kevin Brown ('87) California Angels
Mike Burton ('86-'87) Fresno State (DI), Texas Rangers
Randy Robinson ('86) Chicago White Sox
Jim Dodds ('84-'86) Minnesota Twins
Scott Reaves ('84-'85) Philadelphia Phillies
Ken Garcia ('84-'85) San Diego Padres
Pat Garman ('84-'85) Cal-State Fullerton (DI), Texas Rangers
Scott Willis ('83-'85) Cincinnati Reds
Kevin Kirkman ('83-'84) Milwaukee Brewers
Dana Gomez ('82-'83) Cal-State Heyward (DII), Boston Red Sox
Ed Creekmore ('82-'83) Boston Red Sox
George Jones ('82) Toronto Blue Jays
Chad Miltenberger ('81-'82) Lewis & Clark State (NAIA), San Francisco Giants
​Steve ​Cota ​('81-'82) ​St. Louis Cardinals
Brent Main ('81) New York Yankees
Brad Luther ('81) St. Louis Cardinals
​Chris ​Burns ​('81) ​St. Louis Cardinals
​Eddie ​Jacobo ​('81-"82) ​Los Angeles Dodgers
Mike Isherwood ('80-'81) New York Yankees
John Sylvia ('80-'81) Los Angeles Dodgers
​Mike ​Paul ​('80) ​New York Mets
Rob​ ​Geels ​('79-'80) ​Boston Red Sox
Lamon Lawrence ('79-'81) Chicago White Sox
​Sonny ​Santiago ​('79) ​Boston Red Sox
​Darren ​Holt ​('78-79) ​​New York Yankees
​David ​Blume ​('77) ​Pittsburg Pirates
​Dan ​Coulon ​('76-'77) ​Los Angeles Dodgers
Brad Mills ('76-'77) University of Arizona (DI), Montreal Expos
Guy Jones ('76-'77) California Angels
​Dave ​Holt ​('76-77) ​Boston Red Sox
​Rod ​Kemp ​('76-'77) ​Los Angeles Dodgers
Tim Glines ('75-'76) St. Louis Cardinals
Don Cardoza ('73-'74) Los Angeles Dodgers
Lou Irwin ('72-'73) San Francisco Giants
Alex Torres ('72-'73) Baltimore Orioles
Jim Cannon ('70-'71) San Francisco Giants
Jim Wohlford ('70) Kansas City Royals
Steve Stroughter ('70) San Francisco Giants
​Kirk ​Wolfe ​('69-'70) ​San Francisco Giants
Scot Wolfe ('68-'69) Fresno State (DI), San Francisco Giants
Dennis Nicholson ('68-'69) Kansas City Royals
Larry Dierks ('68-'69) University of Arizona (DI), California Angels
Bob Garcia ('66-'69) San Francisco Giants
Marv Madruga ('67-'68) California Angels
Ray Strable ('66-'67) Fresno State (DI), Minnesota Twins
Anthony Cardoza ('66) Minnesota Twins
​Dick ​Doepker ​('56-'57) ​Pittsburg Pirates
COS Giants signed/playing at 4-Year Schools (Since 2000)
​2016 ​School (Division)
​Corey ​Davis ​Sterling (NAIA)
​Thomas ​Dunehew ​Tabor (NAIA)
​Reid ​Feeley ​Bellevue (NAIA)
Armando ​Gallegos ​Friends (NAIA)
Treshon ​Holly ​Biola (NAIA)
Zach ​Nelson ​Vanguard (NAIA)
​Jacob Trimble​​ ​Friends (NAIA)
​2015 ​School (Division)
​Gene ​Cachu ​Fresno Pacific (DII)
​Wyatt ​Champlin ​Point Loma Nazarene (DII)
​Blake ​Edmonson ​Sacramento State (DI)
​Zachary ​Fleeman ​Fresno Pacific (DII)
​Joey ​Gallegos ​Fresno Pacific (DII)
​Dillon ​Kelley ​Chico State (DII)
​Jonathon ​Molina ​Fresno Pacific (DII)
​2014 ​School (Division)
​Tyler ​Beardsley ​Sacramento State (DI)
​Cole Compton ​Cal-State East Bay (DII)
​Ross Feeley ​Bellevue (NAIA)
​Dylan ​Lee ​Fresno State (DI)
​Rudy ​Navarro ​Cal-State East Bay (DII)
​Nick ​Stoll Fresno Pacific (DII)
​Davy ​Vartanian Fresno Pacific (DII)
​2013 ​School (Division)
​Michael ​Flores ​Vanguard (NAIA)
​Erick ​McRae ​New Mexico Highlands (DII)
​Luke ​Tessman ​Simpson (NAIA)
​Leland ​Tilley ​Bellevue (NAIA)
2012   School (Division)
Scott Loper Sacramento State (DI)
Brent Hall Hofstra University (DI)
Michael Isom Hofstra University (DI)
Didier Landry University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff (DI)
Kenny Corona Chico State (DII)  
Josh Laird Fresno Pacific University (DII)
Devin Lee Fresno Pacific University (DII)
Michael Mariscal Fresno Pacific University (DII)
Ryan McClellan Valdosta State University (DII)
Kevin Seeger Tabor College (NAIA)
Tim Roberts Avila College (NAIA)
Joseph Valentino University of Pikeville (NAIA)
2011   School (Division)
Ryan Rieger Long Beach State (DI)
Taylor Wade Oklahoma State (DI)
Kyle Brueggemann Cal Poly, SLO (DI)
Joseph Fonseca Cal-State Monterey Bay (DII)
Kody Holt Chico State (DII)
Bobby Mendoza Fresno Pacific (NAIA)
Joey Xavier St. Catharine College (NAIA)
Joey Andrada St. Catharine College (NAIA)
Brandon Pizzo Waldorf College (NAIA)
Chris Pena University of Saint Mary (Kansas) (NAIA)
Ben West University of Saint Mary (Kansas) (NAIA)
2010   School (Division)
Patrick Hutcheson Fresno State (D1)
Joe Perez Hofstra University (D1)
John Niggli Liberty University (D1)
Marcus Wood University of North Dakota (DI)
Michael McBride Campbellsville University (NAIA)
Carlos Hernandez St. Catharine College (NAIA)
Mitchell Crocker Westmont College (NAIA)
Jacob Betancourt Patten University (NAIA)
2009   School (Division)
Andy Qualls Fresno State (DI)
Abel Gamboa Cal-State Fullerton (DI)
Scott Laird Georgia State & College (DII)
Todd Souza Colorado Christian University (DII)
Kyle Lovero Fresno Pacific University (NAIA)
2008   School (Division)
Brett Fratzke Minnesota State University (DII)
Ben Walkiowiak Alderson Broaddus (DII)
2007   School (Division)
Anthony Lowell Fresno Pacific University (NAIA)
Joe Halderman Fresno Pacific University (NAIA)
Mark Boujikian Westmont College (NAIA)
2006   School (Division)
Clay Allison Fresno State (DI) (Captain, 2008 National Champions)
Ryan Blair Sacramento State (DI)
Jeff Hannah Sacramento State (DI)
Derrek Miller Armstrong Atlantic State University (DII)
Josh Menchaca Embry-Riddle University (NAIA)
Chris Schwinden Lewis & Clark State (NAIA)
Jacob Burnes Lewis & Clark State (NAIA)
Mitch Mulligan Fresno Pacific University (NAIA)
David Zizzo Fresno Pacific University (NAIA)
Kurtis Goodin Fresno Pacific University (NAIA)
Vincent Herrera Culver-Stocken College (NAIA)
2005   School (Division)
Donnie Wilson Western Carolina University (DI)
Matt Luis Sonoma State University (DII)
Casey Padgett Eastern Oregon State (DII)
Bryan Carnes Masters College (NAIA)
Robert Short Masters College (NAIA)
2004   School (Division)
Kyle Newton San Jose State (DI)
David Vieira Cal Poly, SLO (DI)
Matt Verdegaal Cal-State Stanislaus (DII)
Chris LeBouef Cal-State Stanislaus (DII)
Josh Rodriguez Cal-State Stanislaus (DII)
2003   School (Division)
Cole Jacobsen Long Beach State (DI)
Ryan Benson Fresno Pacific (NAIA)
2002   School (Division)
Brandon Marcelli Fresno State (DI)
Sergio Silva University of Pacific (DI)
Mike Nunes Chico State (DII)
Eric Stein San Francisco State (DII)
Adam Fehr Newman University
2001   School (Division)
Jeff Housman Cal-State Fullerton (DI)
Kevin Bertrand Cal-State Northridge (DI)
Jesse Acosta San Francisco State (DII)
Dalan Aguirre Cal-State Stanislaus (DII)
Justin Nelson Newman University (DII)
Clay Chesser Abilene Christian (DII)
Matt Morgan Lewis & Clark State (NAIA)
Nick Murphy Embry Riddle University (NAIA)
2000   School (Division)
Johnathan Wiebe Fresno State (DI)
Mario Celillo Sacramento State (DI)
John C. Freitas Sacramento State (DI)
Brad Hackworth Masters College (NAIA)
Zach Lee Clarke College (NAIA)
Playoff Years: '54, '55, '57, '62, '70, '72, '84, '85, '87, '88, '93, '96, '97, '98, '99, '00, '01, '02, '06, '11, '12, '13, '14, '15 
Conference Champions: '48, '52, '54, '55, ''57, '62, '70, '72, '84, '87, '96, '97, '01, '14 
State Final Eight: '55, '57, '70, '84, '88, '97, '99, '00, '14
State Final Four: '57, '70, '97, '14
State Champions: '57
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