Medical Transcription Editor

The Medical Transcription Editor online training program helps students develop the knowledge and skills of quality medical transcriptionists in addition to the specialized skill set of medical transcription editors. The demand for well-trained medical transcription editors is rapidly increasing, and this program makes them more marketable and flexible after graduation by giving them both skills. Students focus on keyboarding, medical terminology, language and grammar, and the editing skills required to work with speech recognition technology. Students also receive real-world experience and job training by transcribing and editing hundreds of authentic physician dictations, preparing them for a quick and successful transition to the workplace. The program is designed to be completed in one year or less. Its online format is accessible 24/7 and allows students to learn and train at their own pace. Each student receives instruction, support and guidance from an experienced staff of allied health professionals. Students also receive personalized graduate services, including consultations, resume review, interview coaching, referral letters, preparation for national certification exams, and identification of potential employment opportunities. Program fee includes 1 year online access, AHDI associate membership, KB Benchmark access, transcription foot pedal, M*Modal editing software, personalized student support and job placement assistance.

This is a not-for-credit course.
As such, you will not earn units and the class will not be reflected on your banner schedule or on transcripts. As a not-for-credit course, Financial Aid cannot be used to pay for or offset the costs of this course.

Cost : $2,695.00, includes:

  • 15-month online subscription to Benchmark KB, including access to Stedman's complete Medical Reference Library, Quality Alerts Library, AHDI Book of Style, and AHDI Associate membership
  • WAV Foot Pedal
  • MModal Software
  • Placement Direct
  • Companion Textbooks
  • Shipping and handling
Registration for Class : Contact Stacy Hood at Career Step at 1-800-246-7837 ext. 8412 or at
Payment Plan Options: (Offered through Career Step only)
3 monthly installments - 0% interest
12 monthly installments - 8% interest
Questions? For questions regarding the content of the course, contact Debbie Castro at or call 559-687-3201 OR 559-737-4884
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Login: cosmte
Password: demo
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