​Certificate Application Procedures

  1. Students who believe they qualify for a certificate will obtain an Application for a Certificate of Achievement or Skill Certificate on-line.
  2. Students will print out a copy of their unofficial transcript by accessing Banner Web and will attach the unofficial transcript to the application.
  3. Students will also print out a copy of the Certificate Requirements page for the certificate for which they are applying by accessing the General Catalog and will attach the Certificate Requirements page to the application. 
  4. Students must pay a $5 fee per certificate at the Cashier's office and attach receipt to application packet. 
  5. Students will turn in completed applications with all attachments to the appropriate dean's office.
  6. The dean's office will log the application and send it to the appropriate faculty member or division chair to review. If the student has not met the qualifications, the faculty member or division chair will inform the student. If the student has met the qualifications, the faculty member or division chair will sign and forward the application packet to the dean for signature.
  7. The dean's office will forward completed application packets to the Admissions and Records Department for processing.
  8. The Admissions and Records Department will scan the documentation, record the awarding of the certificate and send names to an outside vendor for the certificates to be printed and mailed.  
  9. Certificates will be mailed to the student's address on file. Therefore, students must ensure that their correct address is on file by checking their banner web.


    ​Certificate Provisions
    Skill certificates or certificates of achievement (approved by the state Chancellor's Office) will be awarded only after the posting of grades of the particular certificate's course(s) requirements (as outlined in the college catalog) and application procedures have been completed.
    In order for certificates to be published in the COS graduation program, certificate applications must be approved and returned to the Admissions and Records Department before the deadline established each year by the Admissions and Records Department.
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