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Selected 8/28/2017Accreditation Workgroup
Normal 9/18/2017Accreditation Workgroup
Normal 10/16/2017Accreditation Workgroup
Normal 11/6/2017Accreditation Workgroup
Normal 12/4/2017Accreditation Workgroup
Normal 1/22/2018Accreditation Workgroup
Normal 2/26/2018Accreditation Workgroup
Normal 3/19/2018Accreditation Workgroup
Normal 5/7/2018Accreditation Workgroup

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Workgroup Chairpersons
Dr. Jennifer Vega LaSerna
Dr. Deborah Nolan
<div><b>Anne Morris</b></div>
Allied Health
<div><nobr>(559) 737-<span style='color:green'>4871</span></nobr></div>
<div><b>Brent Calvin</b></div>
Student Services
VP, Student Services
<div><nobr>(559) 730-<span style='color:green'>3755</span></nobr></div>
<div><b>Christine Statton</b></div>
Administrative Services
VP, Administrative Services
<div><nobr>(559) 730-<span style='color:green'>3734</span></nobr></div>
<div><b>Deborah Nolan</b></div>
Academic Services
Distance Education Coordinator
<div><nobr>(559) 737-<span style='color:green'>6132</span></nobr></div>
<div><b>Jennifer Vega La Serna</b></div>
Academic Services
VP, Academic Services
<div><nobr>(559) 730-<span style='color:green'>3823</span></nobr></div>
<div><b>John Bratsch</b></div>
Human Resources
Dean, HRS/Legal Affairs
<div><nobr>(559) 730-<span style='color:green'>3830</span></nobr></div>
<div><b>Lauren Fishback</b></div>
Academic Services
Administrative Assistant
<div><nobr>(559) 730-<span style='color:green'>3922</span></nobr></div>
<div><b>Marla Prochnow</b></div>
Social Sciences
<div><nobr>(559) 730-<span style='color:green'>3723</span></nobr></div>
<div><b>Nicole Schafer</b></div>
Administrative Assistant
<div><nobr>(559) 730-<span style='color:green'>3824</span></nobr></div>
<div><b>Ryan Barry-Souza</b></div>
Institutional Research
Research Analyst
<div><nobr>(559) 730-<span style='color:green'>3705</span></nobr></div>
<div><b>Sarah Harris</b></div>
Academic Services
Curriculum Coordinator
<div><nobr>(559) 737-<span style='color:green'>5478</span></nobr></div>
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