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Vision, Mission, and Philosophy



The entire College of the Sequoias community works in an environment of mutual respect to realize the following vision:
1. COS students achieve their full educational potential. The College provides an educational pathway for every student without regard to background, disability, location, culture, learning modality, and preconceived time frames.
2. COS has an environment that creates a positive attitude among COS employees that carries over to the students and into the community.
3. COS is a community leader whose contributions positively impact the lives of the population it serves.
4. Educational programs at COS are aligned to meet the constantly emerging economic and workforce development needs of the community through partnerships with business, government, industry and labor.


College of the Sequoias is a comprehensive community college district focused on student learning that leads to productive work, lifelong learning and community involvement.

College of the Sequoias affirms that our mission is to help our diverse student population achieve its transfer and/or occupational objectives and to advance the economic growth and global competitiveness of business and industry within our region.

College of the Sequoias is committed to supporting students' mastery of basic skills and to providing access to programs and services that foster student success.


The philosophy of the College of the Sequoias is based upon a belief that all individuals are innately valuable and entitled to develop their full potential: that a healthy and vigorous society benefits from an informed appreciation of the culture, racial and socioeconomic variations among its members, that a democracy depends upon a critical, questioning and informed citizenry; and that through its programs the College serves the individual, the community and society.  

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