COS Master Plan 2015-2025

Purpose of the Master Plan
This Master Plan is a comprehensive data-informed plan that was developed with broad-based collaboration for the following purposes.

  • Assess the District’s success in meeting its Mission and based on that assessment identify its current strengths and weaknesses
  • Analyze current state and national trends in higher education and ten-year forecasts of demographic change to project the District’s future challenges and needs
  • Develop District Goals that convey the District’s response to these identified challenges
  • Connect the District’s educational needs to plans for District facilities
  • Inform the public of the District’s plans for the future
Master Plan Task Force Membership
With consideration for representation from the three District sites and from Academic, Administrative, and Student Services:
  • 12 faculty to be appointed by the Academic Senate, preferably one from each division
  • 7 managers to be appointed by the Superintendent/President
  • 4 staff to be appointed by CSEA
  • 2 students to be appointed by Student Senate

Please see our Master Plan Task Force Meetings webpage for additional information.

Strategies for District-wide Participation 
  • A COS Master Plan 2015 – 2025 web site will be established. Examples of the information to be posted on this site are the Master Plan Task Force membership and meeting dates, the timeline and process chart, and drafts of the chapters.
  • At least two open forums focused on the master plan will be held, one in February to announce this project and the second on Convocation Day at the beginning of fall semester to gather feedback on the District Goals.

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  • Institutional Planning and Effectiveness Committee members will update their constituent groups about progress on the master plan.
  • The master plan will be a standing agenda item for District Governance Senate and Academic Senate meetings.
  • All chapters will be distributed District-wide for review and comment. This District-wide distribution will include the Board of Trustees.
Timeline and Process


Master Plan Documents

master plan cover.jpg
​​COS Master Plan 2015-2025


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