Social Sciences

Social Science Division helps students develop their intellectual, personal and civic potential through the study of the human condition.  A student can prepare to graduate with a 2-year degree from COS or transfer to a four-year university.  The requirements for degrees can be very different so students are encouraged to visit a counselor.  Students planning to transfer to a University of California (UC) must complete courses listed on the IGETC as well as prepare for their major.  Students planning to transfer to a California State University (CSU) must complete courses on the IGETC on the CSU pattern.

Pick a path to success:

Administration of Justice

Leads to work for agencies such as the FBI, Customs, and the Secret Service.

Dave Wheeler (Law Enforcement)
Alicia Crumpler (Corrections)


You learn why people act differently so you can be more effective in your career and family life

Linda Del Rio 

Political Science

Leads to work with local, state, national or international governments, as well as, the legal system.

Amy Pritchett

Leads you to work as a lawyer, a theologian or in any career requiring thinking about many sides to a problem leading toward the best solution.

Carol Enns

You learn about cultural, social, medical, economic and technical changes that effect the future.

Marla Prochnow

You develop the career skills of explaining ideas, seeing relationships between factors, examining evidence and decision making.

Stephen Tootle

Human Services
Leads you to work in welfare eligibility, mental health, drug treatment, hospital setting, juvenile home, foster home, and other social service agency positions.

Gailerd Swisegood
You learn to identify cultural differences, successful family relations, stratification in society, deviance in society, and how societies change.

Catherine Medrano
You learn how to think about the wide range of social problems that economic theory illuminates. You will be able to clarify, systematize and correct the daily assertions of newspapers, political figures and critics.

Christian Anderson

​​Pathway to Law School Program
Leads you from College of the Sequoias to a university and then to Law School.

Pura Cordero



Alicia Crumpler,  Division Chair
College of Sequoias
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(559) 737-4816
Kern 728F

Robert Urtecho, Ph. D., Dean

College of Sequoias
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John Muir 133

Kathryn Torres, Administrative Assistant

College of Sequoias
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John Muir 134

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