PHIL 1: Intro to Philosophy

PHIL 5: Ethics

PHIL 12: Comparative Religion

PHIL 13: Intro to the Old Testament

PHIL 14: Intro to New Testament

PHIL 20: Logic

PHIL 25: Critical Thinking


Philosophy courses are designed to teach critical thinking skills, argumentation and philosophical concepts. Students think about basic questions in life to determine better answers. 
The courses are designed to meet:  
  • critical thinking course requirements (PHIL 25)
  • major requirements (nursing, engineering, law and philosophy)
  • everyday thinking about ethics, metaphysics, political theory and epistemology.
Philosophy classes provide a strong foundation for any college major. Ethics pertains to all professions, as well as, personal decision-making. If you major in philosophy, you are prepared for an advanced degree in law or theology, particularly. With the critical thinking skills you develop in a philosophy major, you can let a future employer you have the ability to see many sides to a problem, the ability to reason toward the best solution, and to list details related to the analysis.


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