AJ11 Intro to Criminal Justice

AJ13 Community Relations

AJ14 Intro to Criminal Law I

AJ25 Constitutional Law
Interpretation: Civil Liberties,  Fact and Fallacy

AJ110 Police Patrol Procedures

AJ111 Writing for Criminal
AJ112 Criminal Evidence

AJ113 Juvenile Laws & Procedures   

AJ114 Juvenile Delinquency

AJ115 Criminal Law

AJ116 Probation/Parole

AJ117 Corrections: Interviewing & Counseling

AJ118 Criminal Investigation

AJ119 Criminal Identification

AJ120 Women in the Criminal Justice Field

AJ121 Intro to Corrections

AJ122 Principles/Procedures of the Criminal Justice System

AJ123 Criminal Justice Ethics

AJ 125 Leadership and Supervision

AJ130 Legal Aspects of Corrections

AJ 145 Terrorism and Freedom

AJ155 The Study of Public Safety

AJ193-6 Cooperative/Work



The Administration of Justice Program at the College of the Sequoias is designed to offer students an opportunity for both practical and theoretical courses in the field of criminology. 
Theories cover the topics:
  • causes of adult criminal behavior
  • causes of juvenile delinquent behavior
  • organizational processes
  • institutional processes
The Program offers both career training and a major in Administration of Justice.
The Administration of Justice major emphasizes law enforcement or corrections and leads to the earning of an AS degree.   Most students in this Program indicate that they are planning to secure employment in the field of criminal justice. 
Career training is available through the Cooperative/Work Experience class (AJ193-96).    A student can earn college credit while working with an employers.   Internships are coordinated by the classroom instructor.   

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