Rehab Aide Training Program (formerly PT Aide) ​​​​​
HLTH 405
CPR Basic Life Support 
HLTH 406

Registration for the Rehab Aide course (HLTH 405) and CPR BLS (HLTH 406) begins March 28th, however, students have different registration dates depending on their student status. 
   The course will be offered during October.  You will need to have a Banner ID to register for the class.  Please click on the link to obtain your Banner ID:
This is a non-credit class and requires registration​ here:​​
What does a Rehab Therapy Aide do?
·         Provide rehabilitative care to patients under the direct supervision of a licensed physical therapist
·         Perform day to day tasks to help patients gain mobility and improve functional abilities
·         Information presented includes medical terminology, body systems review, exercise and mobility training, customer service, workplace safety, and body mechanics

Career Opportunities

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, careers in healthcare and wellness are increasing and Rehab Aide jobs are predicted to grow nearly 30 percent faster than average occupations from 2010-2020.


Training Class Details

The not-for-credit training course is 4 weeks in length.  The course uses technology-based learning strategies as well as hands on lab sessions.  Students will earn a Training Certificate of Completion.
  • ​HLTH 405 (Rehab Aide​​​​) will take place during the  Summer Session #1, May 31st - June 24th, and Fall 2016, Oct 3rd - 31st
  • There is not a fee a take HLTH 405
  • We strongly recommend that you also take CPR Class (HLTH 406) .  This will be offered June 4 and Oct 6th.  This will make you much more marketable and competitive to work in the Healthcare Facility. 
  • Registration for Summer and Fall classes opens March 28t
  • You are required to have a Banner ID to register for HLTH 405 and HLTH 406


HLTH 405 Fall Session Details:


October 3rd thru October 31st

Orientation: 10/3 5:30-7:30p (Monday)

10/15 (Sat) & 10/29 (Sat) 9am to 4pm POTT 112​



HLTH 406 (CPR) Fall Session Details:


October 6th from 5:00pm - 10:00pm

HR 133





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