The SURGE Program Goals are:

    • To increase the exposure of community college Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematic (STEM) majors to laboratory research equipment, methodologies and current research.

    • To enhance access to higher math classes by increasing student placement scores through utilizing an intense one-week "Math Jam" model. In addition, student success and retention in higher level course will be increased by student preparation using Math, Chemistry and Physics Jams.     

    • To improve the rate of graduation and transfer among underserved populations in STEM fields by creating a pipeline to appropriate student support programs.

Download a SURGE Brochure: COS SURGE Brochure.pdf​ 
                                                    ​Fall 2016 Symposium Book.pdfFall 2016 Symposium Book.pdf    
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​​​SURGE STEM Research Book of Projects-Cummalative 

*The COS Science Undergraduate Research Group Experience (SURGE) program is funded by the U.S. Department of Education.

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