Who is eligible?
Program eligibility is determined by the guidelines of our federal funder, The Hispanic Serving Institutions Program of the United States Department of Education Title V Grant Program. Per their general guidelines we are to serve Hispanic and/or low-income college students.
Specific guidelines of this program require that the students served be majoring in Science, Technology, Engineering or Math with the goal of completing at least a baccaulareate degree and that they demonstrate promise to complete a degree in any of those fields.
Students must be:
1) a U.S. citizen
2) either Hispanic, low-income (low-income status is determined by eligibility for federal financial aid or family receipt of cash-aid programs) or a first-generation student (neither parent has completed a colege degree)
3) an incoming college freshman
4) majoring in a STEM field with intent to complete at least a baccaulareate degree
In addition, the student must have:
1) completed high school chemistry with a "C" or better
2) Assessed into one of the following classes per the COS Placement Test or the Advanced Placement Test: trigonometry; pre-calculus; calculus I or calculus II.
To be in the program, the student must agree:
1) to attend a residential, 5-day STEM Summer Bridge Program at Fresno Pacific University
2) to register in a PASEO Chemistry class and Introduction to Science Seminar in their first Fall semester
3) to participate in PASEO, MESA and SETA activities throughout their freshman year
Last Updated: 9/27/2011 4:06 PM