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Kelly Diaz, Sr. Instructional Specialist/Lead Coordinator
Kelly has worked at COS since 2007. She graduated from College of the Sequoias and then transferred to San Diego State University (SDSU) where she graduated magna cum laude with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in developmental psychology. At SDSU she was involved in various research projects focusing on language development/acquisition and the implementation of support programs in local San Diego communities. Following a return to Visalia, Kelly was hired as the Senior Instructional Specialist, Lead Coordinator in the Language Center at COS. Kelly is responsible for ensuring that students in the ESL and developmental English programs receive quality support services while they are taking classes in the LC. She assists students during 1- to 3-hour required lab classes in the Language Center and is also available for one-on-one or group tutoring for a few hours each week. Kelly greatly enjoys the work she does in the Language Center. She feels fortunate to be working with students from local communities and from around the world. It is easy to stay inspired when surrounded by highly motivated individuals striving to make positive changes in their lives.

Lupe Medina, Sr. Instructional Specialist, evening program
Lupe Medina graduated from the University of Nuevo Leon, Mexico School of Medicine as a Clinical Laboratory Biologist. She is a Mexican Immigrant, mother of four college graduates, and a happy grandmother. Attending ESL classes at College of the Sequoias years ago assisted Lupe in getting hired in the Language Center as an Instructional Specialist for the evening program. She has worked at College of the Sequoias for almost thirteen years and has seen many positive changes in the department that benefit the ESL program and the students. Lupe has had the opportunity to know many extraordinary, wonderful, respectful, dedicated students from all over the world who have brought to our ESL program a unique type of work atmosphere. Every semester those students leave a mark on Lupe’s heart. Her most gratifying moments are when she sees the success of the students, not only those who pursue higher educational goals, but all those who have improved themselves and their lives. She is thankful for all the ESL instructors past and present who have been instrumental in her development as an Instructional Specialist in College of Sequoias’ Language Center.

Nidia Hernandez, Student Tutor, evening program

Nidia Hernandez is from a small town 30 minutes from Visalia. She attended a small high school that experienced low graduation rates until a program from UC Merced helped to increase the graduation rate. Nidia graduated from high school in 2011 in a class of close to 300 students. Nidia has been at College of the Sequoias since fall 2011 and has been working at the Language Center for a year.  She is working towards becoming a Registered Nurse.  Her responsibilities include assisting second-language learners across four levels of courses.  Nidia enjoys working at the Language Center because she loves helping people and gains satisfaction from supporting her students as they achieve their educational goals. Nidia displays great patience when working with students. She capitalizes on her experience of growing up bilingual to assist second language learners.  




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