Industry and Technology


The Industry and Technology Division is dedicated to serving the needs of all students interested in furthering their industrial educations at the college level. These departments provide educational opportunities for students seeking job skills needed for employment, transferable credits for students who plan to  transfer to a university and opportunities for persons wishing to upgrade their job skills in order to advance in their current jobs.


The Industry and Technology Division stresses quality teaching/learning through formal classroom lecture/discussion methods as well as plenty of hands-on learning-by-doing in our well equipped laboratory facilities.


​​                 Architecture (2).jpg​​           Automotive Tech.jpg            Construction Tech (2).jpg

                          Architecture                              Automotive Technology                   Construction Technology


                Electrician Training.jpg        Environmental Control Tech.jpg          Graphic Design.jpg

                       Electrician Training             ​ Environmental Control Technology                 Graphic Design  

                                      INDUSTRIAL maintenance 3.jpg                 

                                           Industrial Maintenance                                            Welding​

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